Created Boxer Will Not Appear

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Created Boxer Will Not Appear

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I'm sure someone else has reported this. I dislike having to bring up bugs, but...

I copied an existing boxer as I've done before, and tweaked the copy to create another boxer. In the past this has worked much better than using the RFG. So, I've completed Art Campbell of Australia and decide to use him in a bout with another Aussie boxer. So I select both boxers in the FIGHTERS list and through the EDIT menu select Start Fight. The other boxer shows up but instead of Art Campbell I get German heavyweight Richard Grupe! Every single time! I delete Campbell and go back and copy a different boxer and try again, with the same result. Something is linking the name Art Campbell with Richard Grupe!

Then I created the same boxer Art Campbell from scratch. Now instead of Campbell or even Richard Grupe, I'm getting Bliss Croft.....Holy Cow!

This needs to be fixed. Earlier versions of the game made it simple to create new fighters by copying existing ones. This is now hit and miss. :(
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