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Do you have an idea or improvement for TB? Or you can see what others are sugesting.

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Wish List

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I'd like to see an option to enter the number of rounds to simulate fights of previous era's. You could enter a 20 or even a 75 round fight. Color, dark or light, bald or hair option, maybe dreads even.
Trunk color option would be nice too. Body type, thin like a young Hearns or Arguello, normal, Schmeling, Quarry, fat Galento, old George or Butterbean, muscular, Weaver, Norton, thick Qawi, Frazier.
Strategy flexibility. An Ali should be able to cover up for at least 8 rounds as he did with Foreman.
Ratings for left and right hands. Frazier left hook maybe an 11 and his right an 8.
Punches landed stats are not needed to be stored. Eats up storage for nothing, who cares about them. They're not published in any career records. No one knows or cares how many punches someone threw in a fight when it comes to keeping track of it.
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