game set-up for android

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game set-up for android

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I hope somebody answers this.
I really like this game but I am having difficulties setting up the game.
I played single games, tournaments and fight cards. No problems.
But scheduling fights are too confusing. I see dates in every tabs.
I do not know which one to change and how to progress with regards to time.
For example, let's have a fix date, September 16, 2014. Set Tournament A at Sept 17, 2014; a fight card on October 1, 2014; and a single fight on October 10, 2014.
All males, all heavyweight, viewings are optional. All I want are the results after the fight. Or on a certain date.
How do I make this? Could somebody make a step-by-step procedure? I read the manual and some topics on the forum but still I am having difficulties.
Well, thank you in advance.
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