We Need Missing 2.5 Features Restored!

Do you have an idea or improvement for TB? Or you can see what others are sugesting.

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We Need Missing 2.5 Features Restored!

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The most important thing we can have is restoration of some of the features we lost from TB2.5:

1. Run the Scheduler 1,000 times (no, the new one only goes to 999), and all one gets are the results (and those include a lot of black print on a charcoal background). In TB2.5, one also could call up the bout log by unchecking the "Update" box and leaving the "Save" box checked. This feature was very important to the WTBA, and I have to assume others appreciated it as well.

2. Also, TB2,5 was highly customizable and easily modified. For example, by duplicating the Default skins folder, then renaming the copy "WTBA," I could (without too much game disruption) substitute background screens readily to make the game more what I wanted. Since "WTBA" stands for "topless boxing," I cannot show many of these screens here without making Lee mad; however, a few of them are reproducible in any forum. Here is the WTBA's Tournament screen:
bg_tournament_01sm.jpg (158.66 KiB) Viewed 39867 times
3. It also is possible to substitute for the buttons. Here's one of the training buttons:
but_training_2.png (85.22 KiB) Viewed 39867 times
4. Other elements of the display, within the .exe, can be changed as well, but one has to be extremely careful not to invade the actual program. For example, I was able to change the introduction at the top of the bout log to say more what I wanted so that I did not have to edit every bout log. For an initial screen, we now have:
bg_startscreen2sm.jpg (183.38 KiB) Viewed 39867 times
The ability to make these kinds of modifications was one of 2.5's strengths. This does not appear to be so easily done in 2013 and, so far, I have not been able to accomplish this at all.

The game remains a cut down without it.
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