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P.I.S.D. Ltd (Platform Independent Software Development)

P.I.S.D. Ltd is a small independent software development company that was founded in 1994 by two experienced software engineers, with the idea of creating a usable multi-platform development library.

The main focus of P.I.S.D. development is, as ever, the building of its multi-platform C++ libraries. These libraries are available to third party developers under licence. They have been designed to remove platform specific knowledge when developing games and applications. The development libraries also contain a powerful set of GUI widgets to easily create a professional user interface. P.I.S.D. Ltd also boasts a list of tools and games under development utilising this layered technology.

The P.I.S.D. development team has a wide range of experience including, full motion flight simulation, commercial 3D systems, embedded systems, wireless telecommunications and computer games design. The P.I.S.D. team is experienced at working with and producing detailed design specifications with regular progress update reports. The company is very flexible and willing to discuss your needs. P.I.S.D. can design a complete or partial software solution dependant upon your requirements.

If you think P.I.S.D. could help you then send an email to someone@pisd.co.uk.

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